Poster for NaissanceDarren Cliff was commissioned to help students at Aylesbury College prepare a performance peice to support the National Theatre’s tour of Travelling Light.

Our task was to create a 10 minute film that would be projected behind a dance performance, based on students response to the play.

10 students were split into 3 teams; a video production crew, a photography team and a graphic design team to create a logo and poster. We started by watching rehearsals of the dance troop, called Acting Up and brainstormed our ideas to fuse still portrait photography with video shot in a way that resembled early cinema.

Students were trained how to use our camera equipment before we spent 2 days shooting on the College’s grounds. The video crew compiled a rough cut for review by their tutors before refining and testing with the dance troop in situ. ‘Naissance’ is agreed as the title of the film and after last minute colour grading, the movie was exported for projection on the opening night.

The performances ran twice each night during Travelling Light’s run at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. The film blended well with the live peice; vivid fast-paced action to complement the high energy moves and a subtle backdrop during moments of poignancy. The audience in the theatre’s Second Space (which seats 100) loved it – it was received with rapturous applause and left the students elated!

Behind the scene’s stills…

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Creative Direction to support National Theatre tour
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