A comprehensive Equality and Diversity Training Video for the workplaceWith an increasing emphasis on ensuring staff are best equipped with the knowledge and skills to treat colleagues and customers equally, we have developed a wide range of training methods to plug the gap.

We have made these training resources available under the banner of ‘Respecting Diversity’ and it is our mission to prevent discrimination in the workplace by providing a variety of educational resources on DVD, Online and In Person. These include:

  • In-house training sessions – delivered by an equalities expert with bespoke content written for your objectives
  • Train the trainer sessions – for organisations who have resources to cascade the knowledge to other staff
  • DVD Training Package – to enable your training team to deliver diversity training at a fraction of the cost of sending staff off-site
  • Online Learning Package – with all the resources you need to create your own course and share throughout your organisation, across boundaries

Read more about the ways our customers are utilising our diversity training tools and watch clips from our workplace training courses.

How to deliver diversity training in the workplace
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