It was show time for young film makers in the High Wycombe area on Thursday the 14th June.

Four young film crews premiered a selection of short films made to provide valuable insight into perceptions of drug and alcohol misuse, drink driving, petty crime and mental health issues.

The films were made with support from Buckinghamshire County Council’s Local Area Forums and Local Community Partnerships in the Wycombe area.

One of their local priorities is to improve services and activities for young people, so to ensure they could focus on the relevant issues they approached young people to find out what was important to them and asked them to produce their own films focusing on topics they felt strongly about.

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The conference suite at Adams Park, High Wycombe was the setting for these powerful narratives raising awareness about alcohol and drugs misuse as well as providing insights into teenage mental health issues and peer pressure.

Valerie Letheren, Buckinghamshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children Services, who welcomed guests and film makers, said: ‘These are very important issues, which affect people every day. The students have presented the reality of these in a very meaningful way.’

The young film crews were mentored by Buckinghamshire film maker Darren Cliff, who runs Cliff Productions, and drew on expertise from Addaction, the UK’s largest drug and alcohol treatment charity.

Darren said: ‘These are the some of the most powerful and challenging films that have been created by young people in the 15 years that I’ve been running film workshops and I’m really proud of their achievements.’

The aim is to use the films to support schools and youth organisations in raising awareness of the topics highlighted by the young people. See the films for yourself here!

Film Premiere for Young Filmmakers in Buckinghamshire
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