How would you and your family cope in an emergency situation caused by flooding, severe weather and need to be evacuated?

This was the brief for a series of short films we have produced for the local resilience forum in Thames Valley. First, we developed a script with resilience professionals to reflect the real-life situations that residents may face.

We then cast the production, using professional actors in the key roles along with a supporting cast of local actors, agency workers and extras.

The film was shot over three days in and around Aylesbury – were we simulated a mass evacuation in the centre of town, flooded Fairford Leys and freezing conditions cause a major power cut.

To achieve a cinematic quality, we shot the film using the RED camera and our Director of Photography, Andrew Rodger, created a high-end visual style to the production.

The film will now be used as part of a wide public awareness campaign, in schools, at events and online – and will support a comprehensive training programme being run by resilience teams throughout the county.

Take a look at the short trailer below.

Are you responsible for emergency planning in your area? Organisations can use DVD as a training resource, read more information here.

Emergency Planning Video
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