See a new residential building in London take shape

We have just compiled a new time lapse video that shows 9 months of construction on a stylish new apartment building in London. We installed our high definition camera rig back in June 2013 at our construction client’s site before any ground works had started.

Our system was configured to allow us to capture one image every minute during daylight hours and a different capture setting during the night.  We had remote access too so that we could check progress, maintain the system from our production office and transfer vast amounts of data on a weekly basis. By the end of this construction phase, we worked with over 300,000 photographs, which we edited into this 3 minute film to show the key stages of development.

For more information on creating time-lapse videos and the options available for short and long-term projects, call us on 01296 630250.

Construction Time Lapse Video
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