DVD Artwork for the Community DocumentaryThe people of Castlefield in High Wycombe were treated to a unique event at the weekend – the premiere of a documentary about their community. The film, called Castlefield Action News, is a 15 minuteĀ  documentary that was made by local teenagers and is the result of a four month filmmaking project run by Darren and the team at Cliff Productions.

Everyone involved were taught on all aspects of filmmaking, including scriptwriting, interviewing skills, technical camera and sound recording workshops and video editing.

The young filmmakers now call themselves CANDO Productions (an abbreviation of Castlefield AND Oakridge) and presented their film to a large audience that included residents, community groups, police and local council representatives. It was a fantastic event and the film was very well received – especially when most media coverage of the area is negative. Although the film explored all aspects of community life – the filmmakers decided to focus on the postive aspects by showcasing the hard work of local people to improve life for everybody.

Copies of the film are available on DVD by contacting the Residents Action Group – contact details are within the film or you can contact Cliff Productions on 0845 094 9014.

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Community Film Premiere in High Wycombe